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Tips On Keeping Cannabis Out Of Reach Of Children

Tips On Keeping Cannabis Out Of Reach Of Children

The responsibilities of parenting may be upon you, but weed is still a part of your life. To use cannabis responsibly, a key part is ensuring minors have no access to your stash. Follow our guide to hiding cannabis from your children.

There has been longstanding stigma around parents using cannabis, but societal attitudes are changing; and in many places, laws themselves are changing. In balancing parenting duties with well-being, more parents may start turning to cannabis.

It should be possible for parents to find a discreet time and place to get high when they have no more caregiving duties that day. Aside from the legal issues, one shouldn’t be exposing minors to cannabis. However, you will likely want your supply nearby, and children and teenagers will be curious about forbidden items in their own home. If you want to ensure they won’t find your stash, we have compiled some of the best ways for keeping your weed hidden.


In the event that your children go looking for your cannabis, you can prepare for this by avoiding the more obvious locations. The kitchen will be the first place that will attract them. After all, many treats, cookies and what not, are typically kept there. One could set up a decoy location. Maybe a tin at the back of a cupboard, which turns out to only contain tea leaves. There are of course many tins and cans in a kitchen which would be appealing to children. If you must store your cannabis in a kitchen or pantry, maybe it could have a misleading cover—instant coffee or some incredibly boring food like prunes, oats, or instant porridge.

Pick something your kids aren’t naturally attracted to. Don’t pick something your kids despise, however, as the reverse psychology might occur to them. If you can’t hide it in plain sight in your kitchen, each room provides its opportunities for hiding spaces. The higher the hiding place, the more out of reach it will be.

If you have a book case, consider hollowing out a book with some dry title. It’s also now possible to get tiny safes screwed into your wall. These will be covered by what appears to be a plug outlet. This lockable, hidden wall safe will blend into the wall, with enough storage space for your stash of weed. This will work in theory, as long as you can be sure the container seals in the odour. Or find some other way to mask the smell, such as storage with a pungent kitchen item. If in doubt, find a hiding spot outside of your house, like your garage or shed.


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