Quans Lab is a privately owned store which deal with the sales and supplies of medical marijuana- weed, hash and other chemicals that are needed for the proper functioning of human health. we provide quality services in the sales of our products and our shipping is 100% effective and in case we fail to deliver ,we give a refund or resend a second package .shipping takes 2-5 days and it may come sooner or later. We deliver to France ,Belgium ,United Kingdom ,Finland , Netherland ,Germany ,Russia ,USA ,Austria, Portugal , Asian countries and many other countries world wide. We beat your imagination with the kind of product we have and the way we carry out our transaction safe and prompt . We work alongside with Doctors who can help you get the best strain for your condition and a medical marijuana identification card. Always remember that your family doctor is a valuable resource. They know your complete medical history, what medications you have tried, and the results of your usage. Your doctor may be initially apprehensive about recommending the use of medicinal marijuana, but they will quickly come around once they see you have a solid understanding of why this treatment is best for you. Do your research so you can present your case confidently, so your doctor can see that medicinal marijuana is the right choice to manage your health issues .Residents within legal cannabis boundaries or not can now buy legal marijuana from us except the cannabis possession is limited to 1 pound at a time. We sell the following drugs pills and weed strains, Sour diesel, GDP , Moonrock . OG Kush, Girls scout cookies, Blue dream, AK47 and White window etc. We also deal in hash oils, Nembutal, Oxy 80. We offer a top grade AAA+ of the strains we have with a THC level of 34% for recreational and medicinal use. – No medical ID card needed – Super stealth double vacuum sealed shipping – Bags that weigh properly, you won’t get shorted!