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Bubba’s Gift is a an Indica-dominant cannabis strain (80/20 Indica) that is a cross between two very popular strains – Bubba Kush and God’s Gift.

Lab tests routinely show THC levels for Bubba’s Gift ranging from 17 to 20 percent with negligible CBD content of around 0.1 percent.

Humboldt Seed Organization chanced upon this strain back in 2008. The story goes that someone left a male Bubba Kush in a room with the purple Indica God’s Gift. The company embarked on several selection rounds and stabilized the strain for its most favorable characteristics.

With phenomenal flavor and appearance, Bubba’s Gift is a well-kept secret. The strain produces dense buds that are round in shape like a golf ball and you can clearly see bright green leaves, varying degrees of purple, long orange hairs, and an abundance of crystals.

Due to its Indica lineage, the aroma is sweet and fruity, somewhat like a Pina Colada or other tropical fruit drinks. It may smell a lot like grape or a little, and some have noted a spice and fuel scent. The aroma is quite strong, so use a filter if trying to be discreet.

As an Indica-dominant strain and one with slightly above average THC, recreational users can expect mild effects that allow you to function during the day but may be better left for evening use (especially when consuming larger doses). With some Sativa in its DNA, creativity and sociability are possible as long as you’re ok with the mild body melt effect.

Medical patients can try this strain to stimulate the appetite as it has a strong munchie effect. The Indica-heavy strain is somewhat sedating and therefore suitable for mild pain, anxiety, and insomnia, among other conditions. CBD levels are too low for patients with severe disorders such as epilepsy and they should find another strain that is high in CBD.

Bubba’s Gift is a high-end plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors, however, it prefers Mediterranean climates and greenhouses. It will flower in 45 to 60 days – faster than other varieties. The plant is small and stout with big and broad leaves that allow enough light in to the flowers.

Be conservative in feeding the plant and it does not need a lot of physical support or propping up. Growers say that in the 5th week, the buds come on fast and develop deep purple accents in the 6th week.


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