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Some strains can catch a consumer’s attention with their provocative names — indica-heavy hybrid Bordello is no exception. Fortunately, this strain has a stoney potency to match its risque marketing. Bordello’s origins are something of a mystery, with no official commercial presence or documentation to point to its creators. However, it is rumored within digital cannabis cultivation forums to be the brainchild of a breeder named Lonestar who is associated with a collective called the Texas Resin Company. Bordello is said to be a cross between two other strains of mysterious provenance — Blueberry Apocalypse and Alexis. Bordello’s THC content has been reported to be between 15% and 20%.

Bordello’s flowers, though colorful, are not especially eye-catching in terms of size or structure. They are small to medium and hold fragmented, popcorn-like shapes when cured. The tight, classically indica buds are dusted with trichomes, giving them a slightly moist texture and appearance. Leaves are forest green, in contrast to their hairy, bright orange pistils. Many phenotypes of Bordello also appear to show streaks of lavender and violet. The strain’s genetics are predisposed to produce these purple colors because of high concentrations of pigments called anthocyanins; the pigments yield bright colors when exposed to colder than average conditions late in the growing process.

A complex scent and flavor profile makes the mystery of Bordello’s genetics all the more tantalizing. The flowers give a powerfully tangy citrus scent, reminiscent of Haze varieties like Jack Herer. Consumers may also detect notes of berry, perhaps passed on from the so-called Blueberry Apocalypse parent strain. When broken up or ground, the buds have more of an herbal funk. Bordello gives off a particularly smooth smoke for an indica, and tastes fruity and vaguely piney on the exhale. Notably, this strain does not have a grape flavor to match its purple hues; compounds called terpenes, distinct from the aforementioned anthocyanin pigments, are responsible for Bordello’s nuanced scent and taste.

Bordello has a heavy, languorous high that may take a while to be fully felt. After a few minutes — or after a second hit — smokers may feel a mounting pressure around the eyes and sinuses. Rather than plunging into cerebral intensity, however, users will slide into a pleasantly hazy mindset. Palpable relaxation creeps throughout the body, slowing breathing and releasing muscle tension. This newfound sedation can create some confusion and brain fog. This strain is not the best choice for accomplishing tasks that require significant exertion. That said, Bordello may provide sufficient relaxation for users to feel friendly and chatty — even those with social anxiety disorders. Because it can be somewhat incapacitating, Bordello is not recommended for morning or afternoon use, and is better suited to helping users unwind before bed.

Bordello’s sedative effects also make it an effective treatment for all kinds of ailments. Its body buzz can numb both moderate and several aches and pains. It can even have anti-convulsive properties for those with seizure conditions. Bordello’s easy feeling of contentment is very useful for soothing stress, anxiety, and depression, and in high enough doses can even provide relief from insomnia.

Seeds of this strain are not available for commercial sale. Those who wish to grow Bordello at home must obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants in order to grow “clones,” or genetically identical propagations. Because of this strain’s limited documentation, there isn’t much information on its ideal growing conditions. However, because it’s an indica, Bordello likely has a short, bushy plant structure that can easily be grown indoors. If they’re able to foster clones, growers should trim any broad, light-blocking fan leaves in order to allow low-growing nodes to reach maximum flowering potential. Growers should also accentuate this strain’s purple highlights by exposing the plants to cold nighttime temperatures late in the vegetative stage. Bordello is reported to have an average yield of 36 grams (or 1.4 ounces) per square foot of plant.


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