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Can CBD Help Relieve Toothache?

Can CBD Help Relieve Toothache?

There is little research into the applications of cannabinoids in dentistry. However, studies suggest that CBD can possibly treat toothaches, abscesses, periodontitis, and post-surgery traumas. Here’s a closer look at the CBD products and methods used to relieve toothache and support dental health.

Science has widely proven that cannabis compounds such as THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and bone-stimulating properties, which can help with many severe conditions. Tooth and gum diseases are included in the list, since cannabinoids can also relieve the symptoms of common ailments such as toothaches.

There is still little research into the applications of cannabis derivatives in dentistry, and the benefits of CBD have not been extensively investigated. Results reported by patients are inconsistent: some found great pain relief from toothache with CBD, some did not.

However, it is increasingly accepted that CBD can possibly treat the symptoms of various chronic conditions, and that the painkilling properties of CBD alone (or in combination with THC) might also be effective against acute conditions, such as some common dental problems. Cannabis derivatives can potentially treat the symptoms of toothaches, abscesses, periodontitis, and other tooth conditions, including post-surgery traumas. Specific topical treatments with cannabinoids are already available in many regions, so let’s have a look at CBD’s potential against toothaches.


Most toothaches happen because of an infection. The inner part of our teeth contains nerves and blood vessels that make us feel heat, cold, touch, and pain too. This inner part is named dentine, and just like any other part of our body, it hurts when infected.

The clear, sticky film left on your teeth by the food you eat, particularly by starch and sugar, starts up a bacteria farm, which spreads to both the visible and invisible parts of your teeth. Infrequent or improper brushing helps the farm thrive. In the next step, cavities can form and grow deeper into your tooth, causing an infection, a toothache, and eventually the destruction of your tooth. Before that, if the bacteria and their acidic environment are able to reach the dentine, infections can enter the bloodstream, causing swelling, pressure on the nerves, and consequently pain.

Another reason for toothaches is periodontal disease and its related painful abscesses, which affect the gums and bones where the teeth are grafted, resulting in a hollow space between each tooth that becomes deeper over time. Crooked, overlapping, rotated teeth can also cause pain, together with hormonal changes, stress, or a poor diet.

Whatever the cause of pain might be, it is always recommended to visit a medical professional if you have a long-lasting or a severe toothache. Moreover, a professional check-up and cleaning every 6 months or 1 year is always advisable as a method of prevention for any dental disease.


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